Upset Stomach in Dogs

All dogs get upset stomach and sometimes these issues can be from something they ate or from an underlining health problem. Owners who don’t know what to do about an upset stomach from their dog this is for you.

At times dogs will get sick when you try new foods, give them medicine, suffering from a health problem, or motion sickness. Some issues are more serious than others and throwing up is common from time to time.

To remove the toxins from the body dogs will get rid of food in the body by vomit or when using the restroom. Monitoring those events will help you see if there is blood in any area that is visible.

Novices should always consult with a professional before trying home remedies. Approved medicine is great and there are some home cooking and hydration that can help soothe the process.

Upset Stomach Causes

Change of dog food can cause the stomach to react different. Different foods have different basis like soy that can cause allergies or upset stomach. Figuring out the last thing they ate or if they were eating something, they were not supposed to eat it should clear soon.

Motion sickness from being in the car will leave you with a backseat full of vomit. Young puppies will throw up and in the future stop throwing up in the car. Plastic bag with an additional passenger will help a lot.

Psychological issues from dog who suffer from anxiety, trauma, and nervousness can cause the dog to get sick. Ways of handling difficult situations can turn into the dog using the bathroom or vomiting.

Medication will make a dog sick and you should discontinue use. If they eat the same dog food and haven’t eaten anything, they weren’t supposed to eat new medication can be the cause of them throwing up.

Symptoms of Dogs with Upset Stomach

Diarrhea – is the process of removing something from the body that the body is trying to get rid of. Foods that can help are chicken and rice, shredded chicken, bone both, baby food, and pumpkin according to the American Kennel Clubs Five Foods to Feed Your Dog When He’s Sick. If stomach issues are continuing after a 24-hour period, you should look at getting a professional to look at the dog.

Vomiting – body looks to remove something from the body it will always throw up the food from where it come from. Once you monitor the dog and notice the conditions are either too frequent or something is in the vomit that’s concerning, you should get some help. Emergency situations always contact professional help.

Blood – red color vomit or diarrhea should be taken seriously. Consistent stool or vomit showing blood in large quantities should prompt you to take action right away.  Testing of the fecal or vomit can give clues to the issues that can be affecting the dog’s health.

Dehydration – whenever dogs or humans get sick, they can shy away from water or food until they feel like eating again. Make sure adequate water is always available at any time.  Avoiding drinking water has associations with health problems.

Dogs with Upset Stomach Remedies

Professional Help would be the first recommendation to people who first and foremost. If you feel like something is wrong, you should check with a vet and if you are not sure you should check with a vet.

Medicine such as Pepto Bismol for dogs has been something that people feel comfortable giving their dog with results. Traditional method but it gets the job done and gets the dog healthy soon as possible.

Not Eating at times dogs will go into a fasting state to stop upsetting their stomach again. Sometimes it can take a day or two before they try to test some food on their stomach again.

Fruits like bananas that are soothing to the body and provides nutrients and energy through carbohydrates. Excellent choice and dogs can eat this fruit without issue.

Broth is an amazing piece of work because it is made from bones and water. Fortunately for dog’s bone broth is a great meal replacement for when they can’t hold down food, but they can hold down liquid.

Water or Ice is great when the dog can hold down liquids. Getting them back eating is still going to start with hydration at some point and solid foods will come after.

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