How to Stop Dog from Jumping?

stop dog from jumping

Dogs can be physical jumping over you, the family, and guest. Someone can get hurt especially a younger child or older adult experiencing old age. There is a three headed monster wrap into this one behavior. After we go over these three reasons, I will drive into specific examples of different areas that you can apply this method and how to do it.

  1. The excitement of the dog
  2. Correct the Dog
  3. Poor timing on the correction
  4. Bad reaction

The Excitement of The Dog

The excitement should always be looked at from an exercise point of view. Are you meeting their needs or are they meeting their own needs by jumping on you? The less you exercise your dog the odder behavior like jumping excessive you will experience.

Remove all this energy on a long run or walk and they need it every day. Walking to the mailbox, bathroom breaks, or in the backyard is not exercise. Backyard size is not a good qualification for improving them exercising themselves. A dog will not exercise themselves in a backyard and their behavior always shows.

You must be honest and take responsibility for causing this behavior. One of our favorite rules is to understand you can change behavior. Exhaust the dog daily, or as much as days as possible, and this is the true first step to removing this behavior from your dog.

Correct the Dog

Next, after exercising the dog you must correct the dog for doing something that is not acceptable. There are different correct methods and you should use them in this order: verbal, leash (if on neck), or hand (if dog is off leash).

Whichever you choose doesn’t matter but what matters is that you use the least amount of force and make them sit or lay after. Meaning if the dog listens at verbal that’s as far as you need to go. Most of the time verbal will suffice.

You only correct with a poke or leash correction if the dog will not listen to the verbal. This keeps any force to very small levels and remember the harder you correct is because the dog hasn’t received enough exercise.

Poor Timing of the Correction

Poor timing is extremely common when dogs develop this habit. If a dog growls around the bowl, he does it before you get to the bowl correct? You must tell your dog NO before they get anywhere near you.

Once they come towards you, while you’re training them, give them a quick verbal correction. The early timing is consistent with the dog’s timing. If you don’t and the dog is already jumping you have missed out on an important fundamentals of dog training.

This same timing is like preventing the entire jumping episode from happening. Meaning you must predict when it is coming and tell your dog to stop before they jump on you.

In the examples below I will explain at what time you need to correct for each scenario and at the end you should be able to put together situations I didn’t discuss by yourself.

Bad Reactions

Bad reactions are when you start yelling and running around. Contrary to popular belief the dog gets more excited and wants to jump more! Moving away starts a chase behavior.

There is one things you need to do when your timing was terrible. Stand your ground and walk into the dog to create space. Once you walk into the dog you should get enough space to correct them when they try to re-enter your personal space.

These two sequences are the only thing you need to master when it comes to the dog not listening to the initial request. Remember stand your ground and correct the behavior making the dog sit or lay after.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People?

Let’s go thru our 4 steps

  • Exercise
  • Correction
  • Timing
  • Reaction

The best way to stop a dog from jumping on people is to put them in the right position. First and foremost, make exercise a top priority. If you know you have family coming over get them an exercise session in the morning and at night. I like to ride my bike and let the dog release the excitement in a positive manner.

One thing is certain they will make an attempt to release this bad energy and a lot of times it starts with humans and starts progressing. Before you know it, the dog will be jumping on everything and has no idea you want them to stop.

If you come home and the dog always jumps when you come outside take advantage of this so you can practice. Let’s say you walk outside, and the dog is about to jump and is walking towards you verbally tell them no.

Perfect timing and communicates with the dog in a way they understand. After the dog is corrected, before he can get close enough to jump, make the dog sit or lay by just following them at a distance.

Whenever you are too late or not correcting strong enough the dog will jump, and you need to stay calm while walking forward. After the dog touches you, you may want to touch back to discourage the behavior.

If it doesn’t work because the dog’s energy is too high take them on another run and try this all over again. It works very easy the first time just make sure the run is for 30-45 minutes.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Couch?

A dog should never be inside the house if they are not calm from exercising. Everybody is different but you should not have a dog in the house that is conducting bad behavior due to lack of exercise.

Get them the proper exercise and bring them in the house afterwards. This makes the house a place to relax where people and dogs are calm. Outside is for running and walking meeting the energy requirements for the day.

After this is done when the dog is looking to jump on the couch upon entering the room tell the dog to “stop” or give them a “no” warning. Before the dog gets close to the couch they will be looking and walking towards the couch this is when you correct.

Once the correct is on time you need to make the dog sit or lay afterwards. They should be sitting or laying on their pillow or in their spot you have for them.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Counter?

Before the dog gets into the house, they should have a long exercise session. Set them up so that they are shown something that makes them jump on the counter. This can be food or whatever reason they are drawn to the counter.

When the dog takes the bait make sure you have the proper timing. I like to correct before a dog steps food inside the kitchen to protect trash cans and counters. Also, when cooking they can be in the way.

Letting the dog approach, the counter correct with verbal and physically use your legs to walk the dog out the kitchen. Removing them every time is the best method.

The dog will start to walk out the kitchen and make them sit or lay in the living or dining room area. If they comeback then just repeat and quickly this behavior will stop.  

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Patio Door?

Patio doors are a little bit different because now we are looking at the backyard. Training in the backyard is different but something we must do.

Besides exercising them we want to drive into why the dog is at the door. Is its separate anxiety, too much energy, or something inside of the house (probably you)?

I like to stop the dog from looking inside or standing at the door altogether. That means the dog will never stand in front of the door without getting a correction. It should become a hot spot and somewhere the dog knows you will not tolerate.

So, lets dive into it the dog has arrived in the place he is no longer allowed at and you see him. Telling them to “move” or “go” with an arm signal is good.

Just like on the counter jumping you want to walk the dog away from the door with your body. Afterwards make them sit or lay and continue until the dog stops jumping on the patio door.

Remember, we are training them that the patio door is not a place they can stand at and they can never jump on something they can’t stand in front of.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Bed?

Stopping a dog from jumping on the bed may be the simplest because you can control the access to the bedroom and time this exercise whenever you are ready. After exhausting the dog with exercise, the next step is to bring the dog to the door.

Dog should be sitting and not showing too much forward movement especially not with strong energy. Make sure you use a leash at first if you think it would help and after going off leash. Going off leash the whole time is an option as well.

Before the dog darts you give the correct and make them sit or lay where you would prefer them to sit. This is an exercise where the dog’s habits will make them appear more hardheaded than they are.

Whenever the dog does end up on the bed use your body to get them off. Walk on your bed with your feet or knees. There should never be a time longer than 3 seconds before your dog is being escorted off the bed and making them sit or lay down after a correction.

Using this consistently will make your dog stop jumping on the bed.

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