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Everything you need for your dog! Best online dog training, recommended equipment, dog insurance, dog care supplies, dog adoption, and the best dog foods.

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Dog Equipment

Getting the proper equipment will help you train your dog with ease. We have put together all of the equipment you will need.

There are a few basic health items you should have at home for different reasons. We have them all listed below

Dog Insurance

Anything can happen at any time and dog insurance helps alleviate the cost for a monthly payment. Trupanion is one of the best in the business.

We recommend them because of their price and customer service. They are great in both areas.

Dog Care

Infections, fleas, and other health problems are going to come up if you own a dog for long enough. Understanding the basics will have you with a full supply.

Changing the way we approach these situations comes from knowledge and awareness.

Training Equipment


Running is the foundation of the program and we like to use a bike and let the dog run as much as they want once a day. Finding a comfortable bike that you can use for years requires us to buy a nice bike fro our daily runs.


#1 goal for our training program is to exercise the dog every day. There are days when it is difficult to get outside and the treadmill is a great win win situation for these tough days.


Effectively training your dog to use the crate will shield them from outside elements and will be reliable when you need to leave the dog unattended and don’t have a dog sitter.

Dog Food Containers

Leaving the food inside of the bag is the best option for most people but others may need to buy a container to keep the kids away or storage from other animals

Dog Toys

Toys are an excellent way to provide something to chew when the dog is teething and can help with command training if the dog is driven by a toy they really like.

Dog Backpacks

Being short on time or having a dog that needs some extra work? A dog backpack is such an excellent item to have at your possession it is difficult to not name. 

Dog Beds

After a long hard day of running and walking the dog will need something soft to lay on to get the proper recovery before the next day of exercising.

Puppy Pads

Taking your dog to the bathroom can be difficult to figure out for some dog owners. Pads will help you keep the dog indoors and give them a place to relieve themselves in case of an emergency.

Dog Tags

Dogs don’t leave our houses even with the gate left open because they don’t need the extra exercise! Trust me! On the rare occasion that they might leave these will keep them safe. 


Getting the correct leash and walking the dog properly is something we give readers for free. Learn and understand the fundamentals before taking the dog on another walk.

Dog Bowls

We recommend getting a food bowl and water bowl that is spill proof at first so the dog won’t develop bad habits. 

Doggy Doors

After potty training getting a Doggy Door will help the dog have access to the inside of the house and bathroom at the same time creating a win win situation.

Dog Pools

Summer time or after long run and walks you can give the dog a pool to cool themselves off in. 

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

The right pet insurance company is hard to come by and that’s why owners should look at one of the best companies on the planet.

Regardless of price you will only have to cover a co-payment making emergency situations more manageable and keeps your dog protected at all times.

Dog Care

Flea Control

Collars are an effective way to control the fleas that have been affecting your dog.


Worms affect puppies in a litter and older dogs. It is always smart to deworm the dog officially a few times during their lifetime.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can happen with little to no warning. If your dog frequently gets ears infections you may want to keep some medicine around because vet visits can get costly. 


For the best coverage of pesticide the recommendation for the great price has to be this product. 


Dogs can be allergic to  multiple things at once like wheat, pollen, grass, corn and many others. 

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