Pit Bull Breed Information

Pit Bull History

Blue Pit BullPit Bulls originate in Great Britain. Commonly fought in the blood sport of bull baiting and bear baiting. Bull baiting was consistent with a dog baiting a huge bull. This was bull baiting.

People from England would gather around a huge pit to watch a dog bait a bear. That was bear baiting.

The sport was popular for several hundred years before being prohibited by the country, but that was the origins of the Pit Bull. The baiting games were dismantled in the 1930’s.

Pits consists of two different breeds. Those two are the Bull dog and the Terrier. The mixture of the athleticism and power of the bull dog in combination with the intelligence of the terrier made the pit bull prime for the baiting activities.

One of the few breeds that were bred just for baiting games or fighting characteristics that puts the Pit-Bull Terrier in some unique territory.

History of pit-bulls coming to America is from the 1860’s during the Civil War. They were also a logo during World War I and War World II wearing the American flag around their neck on pictures.

The fighting background of the dog has continued to follow the Pit Bull Terrier. They have been a victim of people still wanting to exploit and fight them around the country.


Pit Bulls have registration with United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. AKC recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier. They have been a member since the early 1900’s.

The United Kennel Club recognizes the American Pit Bull Terrier. American Pit Bull Terrier has been a member since 1898.

Pit Bull Size

Pit Bull Male Weight 35-65 pounds

Pit Bull Female Weight 30-60 pounds

Pit Bull Male Height 18-21 inches

Pit Bull Female Height 17-20 inches

The male Pitbull is slightly bigger and taller but not by much. Females are almost the same size as them.

In addition, there are people who claim to have a 100-pound pit bull. The two breeds of Terrier and Bull Dog have never come in weighing 100 pounds at all.

A Pit is a medium size dog that isn’t in the large dog club. Some are probably a mix of Mastiff that look similar in nature but will get you the additional weight.

70-pound pit bull isn’t a big deal, but one that is massively overweight should cause suspicion.

Pit Bull Colors

The colors that a pit bulls have been as follows:

  •                 Red
  •                 Brown
  •                 Chocolate
  •                 Blue
  •                 Brindle
  •                 Black
  •                 White
  •                 Fawn
  •                 Combination of colors

You will find that Pits have many different colors and patches. White socks are common along with a white chest. White mouth with the straight line up to the forehead. White tip on the tail are common as well.

You will also find that they have all solid colors. The brindle can be solid or in combination with white. Solid fawn, blue, black, and white are all colors you will find on a Pitbull.

Different Types of Pit Bulls

People have been breeding their own versions of Pitbull for a long time and you can see it with almost each one that you see. As noted before people have 100-pound Pit Bulls when neither of the breed reach that size.

You have some that are more one the terrier side or bulldog size. Here are the different breeds currently

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Bulldog
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Blue Nose
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Bully
  • Red Nose

Exercise Needs

The Pit Bull needs a lot of exercise and is a medium to higher energy breed. Many dog owners will put this dog on a chain outside and forget about them. That is not the way to care for your dog.

Exercise is a physical and mental activity that is what the dog needs. This dog that was bred to fight can become aggressive without an outlet and has the ability cause damage to anything it attacks.

Owners of pit bulls must be responsible and consistent with their exercise efforts.

Our recommendation would look like this as a general guideline for good behavior.

                Two sessions a day

                One in the morning for an hour

                Second in the afternoon for an hour

You should be getting this dog multiple runs per week to get the energy levels down and to keep them from finding unhealthy outlets.

If you are exercising for 14 hours per week you will see a different dog than everybody around you. Take this part very serious and use a treadmill to assist on days when you don’t feel like getting out twice.

Always use the treadmill to add additional work on the dog to keep them in the right state of mind. Too many people have failed the Pit bull in this small task and has caused them to become the villain.


Pit Bulls are very easy to train and are smart dogs. Pits want to please their owner and always have a high intelligence when learning new commands or tricks.

The key is to stay consistent and give the dog plenty of repetition. Take the time to teach the dog repeatedly. Come home and do the same commands 10 times or until you feel like the dog truly understands the command and start teaching a new one.

Have your rules ready to go or if you don’t have any yet make sure you start enforcing them. After giving them exercise the dog will be used to listening to you 2 hours per day minimum following our exercise guideline.

Although it may not seem like it that is the reality of exercise.

Teaching inside of the house or backyard is a smooth transition from there. Make sure you time the correction in accordance with how we teach it.

Our method encourages the prevention from the activity ever happening instead of during the incident or after it has happened.

For example, don’t yell when the dog is eating off your plate or has eaten it already. You must correct when they look at it or walk towards it. That’s when you give them that no.

The dog growls when you walk anywhere near his bone not after you are eating it or have eaten it already. Think Dog!


Pit Bulls have a very short coat and there is no reason to give them a haircut. They only need to get a bath and you should use the brush often for the coat.

When they get dirty, they should get a bath, but this dog is low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

That is excellent because you can do it yourself and not worry about the coat needing an expert to service it.

Life Span

Pits live to be 12-16 years. That is a very long time for any dog. You can see that a decade and a half could be a significant part of your life.

Picking the right dog and training them can have lasting benefits when we see how long this dog lives.

Health Issues

Hip Dysplasia – Condition where the leg doesn’t fit properly into the socket. Something that puppies inherit from their parents but can painful when trying to exercise.

See a vet and get an x-ray right away if you think your dog has an issue running or walking.

Cardiac Disease – Dog’s version of heart disease. Going into older age dogs will get heart disease but the pit bull is known to be prone to having this condition.

Their diet consists of mostly meat and very few ingredients to give the heart nutrients the dog’s heart will undergo complication at the ages the pit bull can live.

Skin Cancer – Cancer, or tumors, in the skin are easier to identify with a short coat. Dogs that have exposure to certain environmental elements can become a victim of skin cancer.

Skin Allergies – Animals can have allergies to many things such as food, medicine, plants, and many other items just like humans.

Try to figure out what the dog is having a bad reaction to and remove it from their area or stop feeding it to them.

The vet can give you some medicine, but you will need to also figure out what is causing the irritation.

Breed Group

Pit bulls fall under the Terrier group. Terriers are very energetic dogs that have the characteristics of hunting and protection of property.

Sizes range from small to medium weight, but they all share the same qualities.

Dogs that are in the Terrier Group:

Terrier group is respected and full of great dogs just like the Pit Bull.

Are Pit Bull Vicious?

Of course not! A pit bull is simply a dog. Pit bulls becoming vicious will be decided by their owner. Following the correct training methods will decrease the possibility of any dog becoming vicious.

When I say any dog the same thing that makes a Chihuahua bite makes a Pit bull bite.

The difference is that a pit bull is very athletic and can cause life altering damage.

How to Train a Pit Bull?

You train a pit bull the same way that you would train any dog. You give them exercise, structure, and enforce those rules as necessary. That’s it! Follow the principles we give, and you should be able to have a great family companion.


The one part that can solve a lot of dog problems is exercise. That aggression that any dog builds is a result of living in frustration. Particularly for dogs with higher energy levels.

Dog Exercise Basics for All Breeds

You must make the commitment to exercise the dog daily and give them an outlet.

Running a Pit Bull will prove most effective in their early years. Giving the dog someone to respect as an owner starts with doing a primal activity with them.

Ultimate Guide to Walk a Dog

Long as the dog knows they will get outside often to exercise they will direct that energy to pounding the pavement.

Here’s how you should exercise them

                Twice per day

                Morning and afternoon sessions

                Hour Run (requirement)

                Hour walk or treadmill

Exercising the dog twice per day will ensure that the dog doesn’t need to engage in bad behavior just to fulfill themselves.

Ultimate Puppy Training Guide


Keep the rules on the walk, in the house, and in the backyard consistent. Consistency is continuing to do the same thing every single day.

Develop the discipline to keep everything the same starting with exercise and continuing to do the same with the rules in the house.


When you look at correcting a Pit Bull as an adult because you didn’t when they were little you must address a few things. Energy levels first because it is hard to train an energetic dog. Next give them rules after the exercise.

Finally, when giving corrections to a strong breed like a pit bull you will experience a dog with a strong neck. The neck will be the strongest at the bottom of the neck. They can pull without worry when the leash is in the incorrect area.

Put the leash at the top of the neck and you will be controlling the weak part of the neck.

You MUST use that method when walking a dog with a very strong neck and body.


A Pit Bull is misunderstood and that’s an understatement. The dog is very nice and wants to please their owner. The dog’s temperament is not what people make it seem.

How to Socialize a Dog or Puppy

The problem is how strong and powerful they’re if they develop aggression issues.

Being bred to fight has nothing to do with the nature of the dog.

Exercise the dog and see the difference. There is nothing wrong with a Pit Bull. They don’t know they’re a Pit Bull. Period!

Just a dog with a bad reputation because of some irresponsible owners.

Treat this dog with respect, exercise, and train them the way they should be.

Great Day!