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French Bulldog

Dog Grooming For Beginners

Dog Grooming for Beginners Dog owners have many reasons why they prefer not to take their dog to a grooming service. Although you may decline the invite dog grooming is an important part of the dog’s health and well-being. The following information is for people who are looking to groom their dogs and are just …

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Boxer Dog

Best Family Dogs

Best Family Dogs Best family dogs can be determined by a number of different factors. We will look at the best family dog to be around the family socially.Great dogs for kids come in all shapes and sizes but lets start with one of the best on the planet.  Labrador Male are between 65 and …

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How To Socialize A Dog or Puppy

How to Socialize a Dog   Puppy Vaccination Puppies should see a vet before you take them around other dogs. Parvo and other diseases can be expensive, and you should take the proper precaution and make sure your dog is vaccinated before taking them to dog parks and other areas that can increase exposure. Older …

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