My Dog Won't Eat

dog wont eat

If a dog won’t eat it can be from a lot of different areas. First place to check and see if the condition is serious is with a vet that can evaluate their condition. Puppies not eating or drinking water is a good sign they may have parvo or other diseases.

Older dogs this shouldn’t be a huge concern due to the stronger immune system. Most of the time the issues stem from a primal level. Dogs that don’t work up an appetite everyday don’t eat the same as a dog getting physical exercise.

Once you get them on a good exercise program eating will not be an issue. I repeat, eating will not be an issue once the dog is physically active every day. No can food, rice, or anything will be of use. They will eat food dry when they are hungry.

Bringing other dogs into the mix can either encourage the dog to eat or show the dog how other dogs value food. A dog that loves to eat a lot can be the perfect companion.

Probably the last thing I would look to do is change the food. I know, food changes are normally higher on the list. Regardless of food if the dog isn’t working it will not matter. And vice versa when the dog is working the food they are eating won’t matter much.

Exercise When Dog Won’t Eat

Owners love to skip out on daily exercise or refer to non-exercise activities as exercise. For example, walking to the mailbox, a big backyard, or we play fetch is the definition of non-exercise activities.

We are talking about walking or running the dog (while you ride a bike) for 45 minutes to an hour every day. Changes in this department will make the dog want seconds after eating their first bowl.

Two sessions is the best and the duration can be shorter. Let’s say 40 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes at night. The dog will be calm and you the last thing that will happen is that the dog not eating.

Long weekend sessions are not advised but it is better than the dog not getting any exercise. Make the effort to get them out as many times as possible and you will immediately see the results in the first week.

Other Dogs When Dog Won’t Eat

Dogs won’t eat when they are by themselves, but sometimes the best motivation is to bring over a dog. Supervise so that the dogs are socializing normally but possession of food is a huge trigger for dogs.

Hovering over the bowl, laying next to it, and eating are all signs that the dog may find motivation with another dog in the backyard. Being a scavenger qualifies the dogs to hunt in packs and take turns eating.

Different dogs can bring out a strong energy and desire for wanting food. Putting a can into the food can make both dogs really crave the food. Giving it to the dog that won’t eat is the best option.

Your family or friends’ dog will be foaming at the mouth while your dog starts to learn how serious eating that bowl is becoming. Using mother nature to train your dog is always a great place to find answers.

Change Food if Dog Won’t Eat

Sometimes dogs just won’t eat the food you bought because they really don’t like it. Like I said before, dogs will eat anything, so it must be making them feel ill after.

Brands use filler products so that they can make more money using cheaper ingredients. When that’s the case you want to examine if they are using soy or other products your dog may be unable to digest them.

Other times they will experience an allergic reaction and stop eating the food. Hair loss, huge bumps, severe dehydration and many more can be the result of the dog being allergic.

Look for brands who carry real meat as this first ingredients instead of lower quality products will be a good place to start. Most commercial brands try to carry a few bags that have better ingredients than their bigger more popular products.


In my experience when the dog gets some exercise this is the cure to this problem most of the time. At times there are more serious issues and other times it is as simple as changing the food.

Taking the time to figure out which is your dogs’ situation will help you respond to it better. Begging them to eat, mixing unhealthy products, or praising them for eating are all signs that the owner may be having issues as well.

Make sure you let the dog eat and don’t make the dog your possession by standing to close to it. When the dog is eating or trying to eat the closer you are may confuse the dog on who’s bowl it is.

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