How to Teach a Dog to Come

how to teach dog to come

Best way to teach a dog to come to you is to take them on a walk. I know it isn’t as sexy as giving them a treat and making them jump for joy with praise. Simply put them outside their element on a walk daily and the dog will learn to walk with you.

The key is to get the dog to follow you off leash at the house and around the home. You should use a lot of different methods to get them to follow around the house.

Teach a dog to come by keeping the leash on the neck dragging on the floor. This is a perfect way to have leash control and have the dog come without you holding the leash.

Times when the dog is stuck picking up the leash will do the trick. After a short period of time touching the leash will make the dog get up and this is conditioning the dog to come every time they are called.

Treats is another area where you can motivate dog who have food drive. Toys are a way to motivate dogs with toy drive so on and so forth. Praise can be a motivating factor as well.

Using another dog or a friend’s dog can assist you with your troubles. Hearing the sound, you make and watching another dog can have more influence than the human training process. Bring a friend if you think it would help.

When you get a new dog or puppy you need them to start following you right away. Sometimes this is natural and other times it isn’t. Overall, whenever the dog is following you for hour walks you don’t have many problems.

Take Dog on a Walk

Teaching a dog to come in a form of a walk is the best of all options. You don’t have to ask, beg, or bride the dog to come and the dog will start to follow.

Following you across the street, same side of the street, streetlights, barking dogs, loud cars, motorcycles, and more will teach the dog to come.

Begging the dog to come around the house when they see no motivation is not going to get the job done. All dogs need to exercise for mental and physical health and will be taught to come easier.

Use Leash to Teach Dog to Come

Hidden gym in the off-leash world of training is using a leash without holding it. Meaning you have some control over the time while not having any control at all.

Animals know they are off leash and don’t have to follow but the leash on is a game changer. I like to use the approach of every time I call the dog, they 100 percent come to me after being called.

After a few days of coming to me without fail we will start to move into another dimension of the training where we can remove the leash altogether.

Put the leash back on instantly if the dog reverts to old behavior. You want to make sure the dog can come every single time you call them to come for quicker success.


Don’t let anybody fool you dogs have different motivations just like humans. Owners find out what they like to do and start to use it within the training. There are many different types of motivations.

Food is a motivating factor for dogs who find it very important. Every dog is different, and some treats will have a better affect than others. Store bought treats get less results than cutting up a piece of meat into little pieces.

Praise is a motivating factor but comes with too much excitement. In some cases, you want the dog to be calm but when teaching them to come excitement is good.

Finding a favorite toy or ball can be something to help build the bond or connection further when teaching a dog to come. Favorite toys

Having different dogs at the house can be a great help. Sometimes not teaching the dog to come and having the other dogs come when called is the perfect teacher.

Easiest Way to Teach a Dog to Come

It is best to call a dog only when they will 100 percent of the time. Find a way to have the dog comply verbally, with a leash, and lastly with other motivations.

If the dog always comes of the crate by themselves attach the word “come here” to it. Go with the current in as many situations as you can.

For example, a dog will follow on the walk so every time you stop tell the dog to come knowing they are going to do it anyway. Fantastic way of helping the dog learn a behavior they are already doing.

Walking the dog, adding food, toys, praise, another dog, and going with the grain whenever possible. You should be able to teach the dog to come from multiple angles and it isn’t a one size fits all.

At some point dogs will come when you ask them, just to stay consistent and persistent when you are in training mode.

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