How to Stop Dog Biting

how to stop dog biting

Learning how to stop dogs from biting is an important part of training. During the puppy phases people are known to experience some biting, chewing, or nipping. Early experiences shows that you should correct the behavior by using several different resources.

There is a lot of frustration that is built inside of a dog that will bite a cage or a human while in playing mode. You want to make sure you get them the best care you can while guiding the behavior into more appropriate channels.

Most of the time a dog trainer with experience will tell you training isn’t a one fix fits all. With that being the case, we will look at a lot of different angles to understand how to approach this type of training.

Exercise Can Stop Dog Biting

The number one way to get your dog to stop biting you or biting on objects around the house is exercise. There is nothing equal regarding an instant impact on your dog’s behavior.

Most of the time when you experience bad behavior from your dog in general you are dealing with a bored animal. Fulfilling this with one to two exercise sessions a day for 45 minutes will make your dog stop biting and nipping.

After a long session dogs will normally rest or will be open to food and water. Other activities are shut out until the dog is recovering from their previous workout. Calmer and better behavior always comes from dogs that get a daily exercise session, or two.

Toys Can Redirect Dog Biting

Since the dog is teething most likely you will want to give them something to bite on. A toy, large bone, or anything that can redirect that energy away from humans or items you want the dog to stop biting.

In the middle of the dog trying to bite on something you don’t approve of you can disagree verbally and give him a toy instead. People should use this method in combination with the exercise.

This will do two things remove excess energy levels and provide something to relieve the dog of their teeth pain. Sometimes going with the current is better than swimming against it.

Corrections to Prevent Dog Biting

When you need to administer a correct you can make sure you give them verbal, leash, or hand correction to stop dogs from biting. Let’s discuss this is further detail first.

When an item is off limits you can correct the dog for looking or walking towards the object. This is perfect timing and perfectly communicates that you don’t want them to bite the item.

If you wait too long and the dog starts biting or you are not paying 100 percent attention while training this will make it a longer process. If the dog listens to verbal there is no need to progress the correction.

Failure to acknowledge verbal correction will lead to a leash or hand correct to get the dogs attention.

Set Up a Session

Setting up a practice session is important for you and your dog. Dogs will stop biting when you communicate you don’t want certain items to be in play. There is no better way than to have the item present and practicing repeatedly.

For example, let’s say the dog continues to bite on a shoe. After an exercise session bring out the item he likes to chew on and correct them for looking or walking towards the item.

Simple practice but this will give you a chance to correct the dog long before he gets close to the shoe. This discipline in combination with exercise will stop dogs from biting.

Request Space

The only way you can stop a dog from biting you is to not let them in your personal space. I like to think of it as a bubble and the dog is not allowed to enter unless you ask them to come to you. Distance makes it easier to control the dog’s current hobby of biting.

Never back up and this doesn’t require any verbal request as well. You want to walk forward telling the dog to “move” or “go” out of your personal space. Use your legs and body to walk the dog away from you.

Doing this will create a great bubble that is invite only until the dog is trained and you decide to relax this rule. While training this is an excellent way to make the dog behave themselves. This can assist in other areas because the dog can’t jump on you either.

How to Stop Dog from Biting Others

If your dog has some aggression issues you should consult with a professional. There are some dangerous cases and we wouldn’t want you to try this without professional help.

The best way is to exercise the dog with other dogs and humans. Exhausting the dog before you start another exercise session will get things under control quickly. Make the dog spend a lot of time tired around other animals.

Always correct when your dog starts jumping or biting on your friends or family. That’s a serious offense and the dog should know its one of your biggest pet peeves. Same bubble you create around yourself enforce that bubble with your friends and family personally protecting them.  

Dogs is a different topic and should be given a different approach. First signs that you need to correct is the ears up, tail up, and hair up positions. Constantly disagreeing with bad body language is the best way to PREVENT the dog from going to another level.

Looking in the direction of a dog while growling or showing the wrong body language should be dealt with from a correction or redirection from the behavior.

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