Golden Retriever

Breed History

Two Golden Retrievers SocializingThe Golden Retriever history starts in Scotland and the person responsible for bringing the breed that began was Dudley Majoribanks.

 Also known as Lord Tweedmouth during the 1800’s he would get a puppy from a litter of dogs and turn it into a superior retrieving dog.

This dog has gone through several names including Retriever-Wavy, flat coat, yellow retriever and finally arriving at the Golden Retriever.

They were bred because they wanted a dog that could participate and dominate with gamekeepers while handling the harsh conditions where the game location was at the time. The game they would play would be when someone shot a bird or a duck, they retriever would go and get the animal.

What made this breed attractive was that they didn’t eat the prey like other animals. They had an instinct to pick up the shot animal and bring it back without further injury. That made them ideal for this type of game.

The dog is drawn to jumping in water and swimming to get that same prey and bring it back to shore. Great temperament and known to be an easy dog to train.


Pure breed Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world. They got their start standard and registration from the Kennel Club in 1908.

After that they got registration in America with the American Kennel Club in 1925.

Today they are members of at least six kennel clubs around the world.

Those are all rich sources to get reputable dog breed information regarding the Golden Retriever.

Most call this dog a Sporting Dog or a Gun Dog for reasons we express earlier in the post.


Male Weight: 65-75 pounds

Female Weight: 55-65 pounds

Male Height: 22-24 inches

Female Height: 20-22 inches

Males are heavier and taller than the female, but in this dog breed the females aren’t too far behind and can be the same size as a boy.


The Golden Retriever must be any shade of golden or yellow that in rich in appearance. Different colors are not acceptable and can cause a serious fault or a disqualification.

The following colors are the only ones that are appropriate:

  • Dark golden
  • Golden
  • Light Golden

And anything in between can be considered the right color. Make sure if the color is cream it is golden in nature. Albino color is not acceptable either.      

Different Types of Golden Retrievers

English – Bigger Head and front legs.

Canadian – Thinner coat that is also noticeable shorter.

American – Bigger in overall weight.

Overall there are not many differences to the different geographic locations. English and Americans are more like probably because they were imported from one another.


Most estimations will have $500 on the low end and $3,000 on the higher end. Depending on the breeder and the quality you may have to pay more.

It is unlikely to get this breed for under $100 bucks because of the price that the owner has to pay for the parents in addition to any stud fee services.


Golden retrievers host a thick undercoat on their skin. They also have a water-repellent outer coat. Enjoying this double coat

Seasonal shedder that will lose hair a lot in the spring and fall time frame. They will shed to a lesser extent in the summer and winter. Overall this dog is likely going to shed all year long.

Brushing this dog on a regular basis will keep the coat looking shiny and healthy. Bathe as you see fit, two to three times a month should suffice.

Also, getting a tooth cleaning once a day will be the best, but at least once a week try to clean their teeth to prevent build up.

Trim nails on the regular. That will happen if you follow out exercise guidelines from walking on the pavement. If not, you may want to clip the nails when they become a length longer than you want.

Life Span

Golden Retrievers will live to be at least 10-12 years old before passing away.

A good decade isn’t the longest lifespan, but it is a very long time to own a pet from when they’re a puppy. Providing exercise and taking them to the vet annually will really help to keep your dog healthier in old age.

Health Issues

Hip Dysplasia – is a condition where the leg doesn’t fit properly into the hip joints. If your dog refuses to exercise and you’re suspicious take them to the vet to get an x-ray. Bad hips are hereditary, and the parents will pass them onto the kids.

Elbow Dysplasia – Very similar to the hips make sure you take them to the doctor and get an x-ray to determine if they have this condition.

Cataracts – the eyes are a big issue for any breed and Golden Retrievers are just the same.

Heart Disease – Big breeds have an issue with heart disease due to the volume of meat-based products they eat daily. Males being at a higher risk than women.

Golden Retrievers are healthy dogs and don’t have a lot of health issues.  

Golden Retriever Breed Group

Sporting dogs or Gun Dogs consist of Spaniels, Retrievers, Pointers and Setters. Known as dogs that will assist in hunting activities in the water and on land.  Here are a few of the breeds in the Sport Group

Just to name a few in this great dog group. Dogs have many traits and can do several activities to assist their owners just like they did historically.

Exercise Needs

Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercise. I would recommend you be physically active or plan on being physically active the day you get your dog.

Training a dog full of energy is a task within itself and makes it harder to get the dog to listen. A high energy dog like a Golden Retriever would need to get exercise on a consistent basis to balance out the output they need.

Failure to provide exercise will result in your dog having behavioral problems.

You will need to conduct two sessions per day for the first three years most likely.

Here’s what we recommend:

                Morning: 1 hour run, walk, treadmill, or swimming

                Night: 1 hour run, walk, treadmill, or swimming

The two sessions will make you understand the importance of exercise for your dog. One of the most important aspects is the bond that you will build. Your dog listening to you for hours per day will enhance your training in other areas.

Having a dog listen to you every single day will make your relationship much different in comparison to never exercising at all.

Dogs will start digging, barking excessively, chewing items, not listening, hyperactive, small appetite, and many more undesirable activities unless you make the decision to exercise daily. In the case of the Golden Retriever you will need multiple sessions per day due to the high energy level.



In our program there is always three areas we need to address with dog training. Those areas are exercise, rules, and corrections.

As previously discussed, there is a reason you want to exercise your dog. The situation is primal and if you open your gate there is a great chance your dog will run up the street. Why not run up the street with them every day?

Walk with them every single night. The reality is that your dog would be doing that without you so they should walk with you daily.

It’s a lot of hard work, but it is worth it in the end.

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Basic Commands

Golden Retrievers are eager to learn and eager to please their owner. The only thing you need to do is take the time to give them a lot of repetition.

Being smart as the Golden Retriever is you will notice that they will learn quick. Make sure you set aside some time tell them commands until the dog is mastering the commands without any issue.

When you get the point where the dog is listening exactly how you want them to, only then, move on to the next command.

Top 10 Commands to Teach Your Dog


You must create rules and that can be any rule you choose to enforce in the household, on the walk, or in the backyard.

By creating and enforcing these rules all the time you will create a second nature environment where everybody follows the rules. Following those rules includes you enforcing the rules without excuses.

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Golden Retriever Popularity

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in America. They rank third in the American Kennel Club for five years straight and continue to be just behind the Labrador and German Shepherd.

Celebrities who have Golden Retrievers include:

  • Jackie Chan
  • Nick Jonas
  • Betty White
  • Conan O’Brien
  • Oprah Winfrey

They are one of the most popular dogs in the world because of their temperament and easy ability to train dogs.


There are a lot of movies that host a Golden Retriever. Those Movies include

  1. Air Bud
  2. Air Bud: Golden Receiver
  3. Air Bud World Cup
  4. Air Bud Seventh Inning
  5. Snow Buddies
  6. A Dog’s Purpose

You can see were the popularity of the dog exploded on film influences many celebrities and common folks to buy this dog from a breeder.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs

Yes, Golden Retrievers are one of the most sought-after family dogs. They are great with kids and easy to socialize with other dogs already in the household.

The other important part is that they will guard the home.

Known for an excellent temperament and trainability there is no indication that Golden Retrievers are not great family dogs.


Golden Retrievers come from Scotland and were breed in the 1800’s into what they are currently today. After they left their homeland they came to America and got registered during the early 1900’s.

Large size dog that come in different shade of light golden, golden, and dark golden with other colors not being acceptable.

You will generally look to pay a couple hundred to a couple thousand from a great breeder.

The double coat they host is thick under and water repellent on the outside coat. Expect a shedder that will lose hair all year long more in certain seasons than others.

Few health issues and live for at least a decade or maybe a few years after a decade.

Exercise will alter the experience you have with your Golden Retriever. You may end up having a level of excitement you didn’t sign up for. Make sure you exercise twice a day for at least an hour each.