Dogs With Long Hair

Dogs with long hair are some of the most popular in the world and people love to have them as pets. Different stylish cuts from the groomers can make a dog standout in a moments notice.

Long hair doesn’t mean a lot of shedding as some of these dogs shed very little. Others can shed their entire outercoat during shedding season. Shedding characteristics are on a situational basis.

Since no dogs is the same, we have additional information about shedding, coat variety, and other information. All the information you need to know about the maintenance for one of these dogs.

Lastly, we have many articles and we will be referring them throughout the paragraphs if they are helpful to the topic. Let’s start with the first dog on out list.

Yorkshire Terrier

Long hair Yorkie

Coming in weighing 7 pounds and below we have one of the most popular dogs in the world. Known around the world as a Yorkie they have a feisty and large personality for such a small dog.

Yorkshire Terrier coat is long like human hair and silky showing no signs of a wavy or coarse texture. Length of hair can touch the floor or be an inch above the ground.

Dark blue, blue and tan are the only colors you are going to see on a full blood Yorkie. Short coat can happen from cutting the coat or you can have it longer, which is frequent on the females.

As we went over in the introduction every dog doesn’t shed and the Yorkshire Terrier has a small appetite for shedding year around. Despite the long coat they don’t leave fur all around the home.


Komondor in the snow

Fierce working dog that shows bravery in most situations while guarding their property. Loyal and affectionate dog that owners should aim to keep busy by giving them a job and exercising daily.

Komondors coat goes through different stages in their life. As a puppy they will have a soft coat with a protective outercoat. Adults will start to form short dreadlocks on the coat. Older adult Komondors are going to have full locks hanging from both sides of their bodies.

Only color you will ever see on this breed is white and there are no others from a full blood Komondor. If you see some other colors on this dog it is from crossbreeding with another dog.

After they form their locks, they will never shed much but they do need maintenance. Taking them to a professional groomer is a recommendation until you know what you are doing.


Havanese in the sun

National dog of Cuba you will see the Havanese everywhere in the country. Small dog with a great amount of energy and puppy playfulness well into adulthood.

Double coat dog that has a silk texture and it is soft on the outercoat and undercoat. Their coat can cord but this will happen when the dog is an adult only.

Something unique about this dog is that all colors are acceptable and there is no restriction on what color the dog can be. That includes markings and the color of their skin has no main color.

Havanese will shed little throughout the year and they don’t have a serious shedding season. Many characteristics that are good about the dog and not shedding is one of them.


Maltese exercising

Maltese is known as a very gentle and nice dog to be around making them an ideal pet. Large emphasis are put on the companionship these dogs brings to relationships with humans, especially with kids.

No double coat for this dog and they have a long single coat. Side, or the body, has hair that can touch the floor and they can have a similar look to the Yorkie.

Another dog that falls under the rare circumstance of only having one color. Only a few dogs have one color and it makes it difficult to try to crossbreed and get away with it because of the lack of colors.

Small shedding will happen with the Maltese year around. Having a lot of hair, they shed small amounts in comparison to how much hair they boast. Very popular dog to have.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Headshot

One of the most beautiful big dogs on the planet is the Bernese Mountain Dog. Large frame to go with beautiful colors and a strong work ethic. Smart dog that gets the job done daily.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a thick coat that possesses a natural shine without products. Like rottweilers you will see their coats become wavy but mostly straight on the body.

Famous for pioneering the beautiful tricolor that many people are looking for in the Pitbull communities in recent times. Brown, black, and white make an excellent mixture.

Heavy amounts of shedding will take place twice per year with moderate shedding happening throughout the year. Proper preparation and grooming tools will help remove excess hair, but it will be a lot of work for owners.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Puppy

Shih Tzu, like many small pets, were once companions to societies elite members and never sold. Only given away as gifts to other strong and powerful leaders of other countries.

Hosting a long and dense double coat with the hair straight and sometimes you will see a wavy variation. Body fur can reach a length long enough to reach the ground.

There is no specific colors or markings for this breed as well. Any colors and markings are accessible for dog owners to have. Few dogs have this any color is perfect standard.

Finally, they have a long coat and they don’t shed often. People who are hypoallergenic may want to consider buying one of the dogs instead of a shedding alternative.

Lhasa Apso

Small dog from the Himalayan Mountains is the Lhasa Apso from Tibetan that is independent, strong, and intelligent. Lapdog by all measurements they have one of the longest coats in the dog community.

They possess a double coat that is straight on the outercoat. Undercoat is harder and denser in nature and it long. Length of the coat can be just above the floor or all the way on the ground.

All colors are acceptable for the small dog with different varieties they share with dog owners. Every colors is good to go for the Lhasa Apso.

Lastly, they are another dog with a long coat that doesn’t shed much. Having straight hair hanging from each corner of the body you would think they would shed heavy, but they don’t.

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collies are a strong and smart working dog. Nice dog that lacks the prey drive and aggression of others they make it for it with their energy and playfulness towards humans.

Another double coat that is soft in the undercoat. Outercoat is harsh but they may have a small wavy section on the coat in different areas. Length of the coat is long on the body and head of the dog.

Colors for a Bearded Collie are blue, fawn, black and brown. They only have one marking and that is white markings, but the dog doesn’t have to have the marking.

Contrary to how long and high maintenance the coat appears they shed little at best. Most of the time the dog isn’t shedding much hair but once you cut the hair shedding will start to increase.

Rough Collie

Collie training

A strong and energetic dog that is prettier than most breeds walking the earth. Rough Collies are big and powerful workers that can assist humans with herding other animals from one place to another.

Double coat with the outercoat being harsh, hints the name rough. Undercoat, as usual, is soft and there is a lot of hair underneath the hood of the Rough Collie.

Only colors are sable/white, tricolor, blue merle, and white. There are a lot of colors and patterns to choose from you should get familiar with them and pick the one you like the best.

If you are hypoallergenic do not try to get this dog it will be a disaster. They shed heavy twice a year and Rough Collies are moderate year around shedders.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound is a great mix of strong prey drive and elegant look at the same time. Known as an independent dog that is quiet and doesn’t exert themselves much. A lot like other hound dogs who are on fire on the hunting trial and nonexistent when you get to the house.

Silky single coat that shows premium quality. Long hair length is shown on the legs, ears, and body on the Afghan Hound. Due to their length the coat will not touch the ground while standing because they are too tall.

All colors are acceptable for this breed.

Low amounts of shedding for the Afghan Hound.


There are more breeds that have long hair than are on this list, but these are the ones we thought fit the description the best. Some surprises are given to any stereotypes regarding the amount of shedding vs hair length.

Next, the list is comprised of smaller breeds mostly and the larger breeds are less in control of the portion. Make sure you look at some of our other resources.

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