Dogs That Look Like Mops

Many dogs have the mop appearance and they look like a mop. Big mops and little mops alike we have a list of dogs from different sizes that all share the same look.

Brace yourself for one disclaimer all dreads, or cords, are not created equal. Some get them naturally and are like that regardless of being domesticate or wild.

Others will have the assistance of humans to help their coat that is similar but doesn’t dread at all. Nonetheless they made the list too because you are likely to run into one of these dogs.


Havanese in the sun

Havanese is a small white fluffy dog that comes from Cuba and is the national dog in their native land.  Ancient lapdog that shows them living with royalty from time immemorial.

Corded coat that looks like dreads hanging from their body close to the ground. The only color you will see from a full blood Havanese is white. Different styles of corded coats varies from dog to dog.

Tiny little dog will look like a small mop in the head, chest, body and leg areas. Although they can achieve this look, they need help from humans in order to accomplish the look.


Komondor in the snow

Komondor is a large size dog that comes from Hungarian flock dogs. Great helping hand when it comes to scaling a farming business and herding needs are hundreds of thousands of other animals.

As a puppy this dog will have a soft and dense coat and they do not have cords at this point in their life. When they become adult dogs, the coat starts to dread.

Length of fur varies, and some dreads are longer than others. Nonetheless, an adult Komondor will look like a large sized mop and their fur does dread without the assistance of humans.


Standard Poodle

Poodle is a large, small, and toy size breed that comes from France. Water dog for the standard and lap dog for the other two sizes. One of the most popular dogs in the world.

Tight cords hang from the chest, body, head and leg areas of the Poodle. Cords, or dreads, on Poodles are something that needs some human efforts to make it happen.

Mop like appearance for the Poodle is an understatement when their owners choose to dread the coat.



Puli is a medium size herding dog that comes from Hungary. It should come as no surprise that they are also a great herding dog like others on this list from the same area.

Two different coat types being wavy on the outercoat and soft in the undercoat makes their hair dread naturally. They look like a mop without any interference from humans.

After becoming adults their hair will start to form and cord by themselves all over the body.


Bergamasco is a medium size dog that comes from Italy. Herding dog that comes from times of ancient origin. Unique coat that makes you know the Bergamasco looks like a mop.

Soft undercoat with a wholly outercoat is something that most of these dogs have in common. Solid gray and solid black are the main colors you will see them in.

Entire body is covered from head to toe in dreads and it really creates a brilliant mop appearance. Little shedding is done although they have hair hanging everywhere.

Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water dogs are a medium size dog that comes from Spain, as their name suggests. They were featured in multiple roles but mostly herding and retrieving.

Coat type is single that is curly or wavy. Official Breed Standard from their kennel club suggests that they don’t need any combing or brushing once the hair cords.  

There is no human assistance and the coat will begin to cord on its own.

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