Dogs That Look Like Foxes

There are many dogs that look like foxes. Most of those dogs come from the eastern part of the world in freezing cold climates. Although they are different, they look just alike in three different ways.

Type of coat is the first factor and the different areas where they look fluffy which is around the neck. Color of the coats are almost identical as well with the dogs on this list.

Lastly, most of the sizes show a small to medium size dog except for a few breeds. Sizes can close the gap in understanding the relationship they share.

According to Princeton University’s Canids of the World Wolves, Wild Dogs, Foxes, Jackals, Coyotes, and Their Relatives these dogs all have similar social and reproduction elements.

They didn’t stop there in the article they also mention Wolves, Coyotes, Jackals, Foxes, and Dogs are all in the same Canid family. Here are the seven dogs who look like foxes.

Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz is a dog that comes from Russia that was adopted by the Finnish people. Known for being fearless and aggressive regardless of who is approaching their territory.

Ancient breed whose bones stretch beyond thousands of years. One of the dogs that has a fox like appearance from head to toe and the colors make it look more similar as well.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu on leash

Ancient Japanese Spitz dog is the Shiba Inu. From the same family as the Finnish Spitz but ended up in Japan but still on the same side of the world. One of six dogs to come from that area.

Avid hunter and small enough to track down smaller game. Small compact structure to go with the same color scheme makes the Shiba Inu look the same as a fox in many aspects.

American Eskimo Dog

Eskimos have nothing to do with this breed and is one of the reasons why they resemble foxes so much. American Eskimo Dog switches gears from the typical brown fox like dog and takes it to the white fox.

When Germans came to America, they brought these dogs with them and they would become an official breed due to their efforts. Almost identical in image you will see this dog look strikingly similar with coat type and coat color.


Mother Akita with Puppy

An Akita is a large size dog that comes from the Japanese Spitz family. Fearless hunters that can take down large prey and in packs they can become a dangerous hunting family.

Given the colors of this breed we know that they resemble foxes that are different colors that the normal brown or golden color. Much larger than a typical fox but they still look like foxes in appearance and not size.


Sammies are also members of the Ancient Spitz family stock. Another dog that fits into the description of the artic fox that is all white and they Samoyed looks like a white fox.

Medium sized dog that comes from a colder climate and they have the coat to protect them in harsh winters. They come from a place that has one of the worst winters in the world.


Schipperke puppy

Schipperke is a small to medium size Spitz dog with the face and coat type of a fox. Different colors makes them match different types of foxes that are from different areas of the world.

Agility and speed makes them a perfect dog to become a ratter although they are taller and heavier than most Terriers. Active dogs that need exercise daily.

German Spitz

German Spitz are the dogs responsible for many breeds that are more popular small size dogs. As the name suggests we will close this list with another Spitz type dog.

These dogs look incredibly close to foxes in the many different breeds that came from this stock. Springing from this ancient breed are the three sizes of Spitz dogs small, medium, and large with faces and coats that look like foxes.

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