Dogs That Look Like Bears

There are a long list of dogs that look like bears. If you’re looking for a teddy bear companion with a lot of size you’ve come to the right list. Surprisingly most of these dogs are working dogs that have done a lot in society.

Hunting, pulling, shedding, herding, rescues, water rescues and many other tasks that assist society in impactful ways. All this is second to being some of the best pets and guard dogs around. These dogs are from around the world so we will give them a brief introduction.

A common theme in the appearance is a double coat. Dense undercoat with a soft outercoat is going to give a dog the bear like appearance around the neck and chest area. Coming from some of the coldest climates like Russia, China, Japan and Siberia this type of coat would benefit them in harsh winters.

Each dog has a full article describing everything you need to know about the breed. Towards the end of the article additional information including dog training tips and many more. Here are the ten dogs that resemble bears the most.


Newfoundland is a massive working breed with the capability to do a wide range of jobs. Rescues specifically is where they most known for in their homeland of Newfoundland.

According to their Official Kennel Club this dog competes in search and rescue, service dog, therapy, freestyle, flyball, and many others. Obedience, tracking, and agility are also activities where they excel.

Looking the most like a bear with the colors and sheer size in comparison to all the other dogs on this list. One of the first things you think when you see the Newfoundland is their resemblance to a bear.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff size

Tibetan Mastiff is a large size dog most known for their fearlessness and guard dog abilities. Defense of sacred places in the Himalayas would always feature a small dog and a Tibetan Mastiff.

One of the dogs who had to be on the list due to their bear like appearance for a dog. Long double coat with a fluffy finish makes them look closer to a bear than most breeds.


Samoyed is a medium size working dog that comes from Siberia. Hunting and herding shows how this dog can do different jobs at a high level. Great energy levels and gentle playful spirit.

Samoyed looks just like a white bear with the fluffy appearance around the neck as a puppy and adult. It is hard to deny the similarities and they are third on our list for that reason.

Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd is a large size dog that was a fierce guard dog that is known to defend their territory against wolves and other serious predators. Excellent house pet but due to their size are kept outside.

Another fluffy coat appearance with a long double coat to keep them warm during harsh Russian winters. Although they have a multi-coat, they still look a lot like a bear in size and fur.


Pomeranian headshot

Littlest dog out of the group it is hard to leave out one of the biggest personalities. Pomeranians look like little bears and are a great lap dog. They are from the Poland area of Central Europe.

Amazing coat features that look like a bear. Cute and cuddling they will always protect the home with confidence and alert owners of potential intruders.


Mother Akita with Puppy

Akita is a large size spitz dog from Japan. Strongest hunting dog they would have available and in a pack of Akitas they could hunt down bears, deer, and other large animals.

Thick and dense undercoat with a fluffy outer coat makes an Akita look like a bear. The neck and chest area are the places where they look the most bear-like.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow standing in the snow

Chow Chow is a big dog from China with one of the best resemblances to bears out of the bunch. Having two coat types the one that is closest to this list requirements is the rough coat.

Outercoat on the Chow Chow is described as abundant and gives them the Lion look in color but bear in texture. Beautiful golden dog whose coat has protected them from predator leaving them with a mouth full of hair.


Leonberger adult

Leonberger is a huge gentle dog that comes from Leonberg in Germany.  Another double coat with the males having a slightly longer outercoat mane in their adult and mature phases.

Coming in a set of different colors it is easy to see why people would compare the Leonberger to a bear. Neck and chest area shows the appearance that fits this list.

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres standing in the grass

Bouvier des Flandres is a large powerful dog with one of the best similarities to bears. According to the AKC Breed Standard, they have a double coat that is rough and harsh on the outside and softer on the undercoat.

They are from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands and are an older breed than most. Wide ranges when it comes to colors, but their main color is black, brown, or blue.

Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Great Pyrenees White Dog

Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs are a big breed that is known for guarding property and land for estate owners. Neck, chest and shoulder area shows an abundance of fur giving them a fluffy look.

Long outercoat with a thick and dense undercoat giving the Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog the bear look. Classy dog that is often respectful unless they are protecting their own territory.

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