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Upset Stomach in Dogs

Upset Stomach in Dogs All dogs get upset stomach and sometimes these issues can be from something they ate or from an underlining health problem. Owners who don’t know what to do about an upset stomach from their dog this is for you. At times dogs will get sick when you try new foods, give …

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Normal Temperature for Dogs

Normal Temperature for Dogs Normal Temperature for dogs will be around 101-102.5 degrees. That is hotter than humans who have a temperature of 97-99 degrees so dogs will always feel warmer to us. It is important to know when the dog has a fever, overheating on a hot summer day, or when they have a …

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Dogs Heat Cycle

Dogs Heat Cycle Every owner of a female dog will go through periods were the dog will start bleeding and it will start out of nowhere. Estrous, or heat, cycles come in four waves the Proestrus, Estrus, Metestrus, and the Anestrus. Although every six months is a rule of thumb from the time they start …

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Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs All dogs are subject to getting health conditions especially as they start to age. One problem you may find yourself running into is a dog catching Urinary Tract Infections. Here is a comprehensive guide giving you the meat and potatoes of what to do when you run across this problem …

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