Chihuahua Breed History

Chihuahua puppies on grass laying downChihuahua’s are one of the smallest breeds in the world and get their name from a state in the country they come from. The name of the state is Chihuahua in Mexico.

They are seen in artwork and are found in the ground during archeology findings their areas.

A long history appearing through multiple times in artwork ranging from 300 B.C.E. (Before Common Era). Making appearance in the 12th century. Also, appearing in the early 1800’s in America before any of the kennel clubs formed.

Likely a descendant of the Techichi which always boast similar features of the Chihuahua but much older. You can see Chihuahua like artifacts in Mexico, China, Europe, Egypt, Malta and Mexico. (History of the Chihuahua)

Aztecs are known to reduce the size of the Chihuahua much smaller than what it was in the 1400’s.

Once Chihuahua’s began gaining attention people would come to the lost civilization and find them all over in the state of Chihuahua.

The way Chihuahuas got to Mexico is unknown and nobody has any idea because it was too far back in history. There is currently no date to know when they were first seen or bred in Mexico.

All we know is that they appear in Mexico first and found in different parts of the world second.

Chihuahua Registration

Chihuahuas are registered with the American Kennel Club in 1908.

They show registration across many kennel clubs around the world here are a few

United Kennel Club

Chihuahua Club of America

Australian National Kennel Council

Canadian Kennel Club

Kennel Club (United Kingdom)

New Zealand Kennel Club

There are many Kennel Clubs around the world that choose to feature the Chihuahua dog breed both long and short coat. Popularity in North and South America are hard to understate.

The Chihuahua is consistently one of the top 10 dogs that have current registration in American Kennel club.

Chihuahua Size

Male weight: 4-6 pounds

Female Weight: 4-6 pounds

Male Height: 6-10 inches

Female Height: 6-10 inches

Chihuahua Colors

All colors are accepted with Chihuahuas.

These are the colors that they have

  •                 Black
  •                 White
  •                 Fawn
  •                 Gold
  •                 Cream
  •                 Brindle

They come in multiple colors, but none are a disqualification per their breed standards.

Different Types of Chihuahuas

There are many different types of Chihuahuas

  •                 Apple Head
  •                 Deer Head
  •                 Long Hair
  •                 Smooth coat
  •                 Fawn


The average cost of a Chihuahua is around $250-$400.

Chihuahuas with papers can sell for as high as $1,000-$2000

Without papers you can find them on sell for $100 in your local area.


There are different coats for Chihuahuas. You have one style that is easier to groom than the other. The easiest coat to groom is the smooth coat.

You don’t have to do much with the coat but continue to brush it and shampoo when dirty. There is little reason take them to a groomer.

The second type is the long hair. You will need to brush, comb, and wash them. Make sure you brush or comb to the skin and wash them when dirty.

Long hair may require a professional to keep them cut or the coat in perfect condition.

You can still groom the long hair Chihuahua at home, but make sure the fur isn’t getting tangles and matted.

Life Span

Chihuahuas live a very long time.

There lifespan goes from 12-20 years.

That’s an amazing amount of time you can have one dog. Possible 20% percent of a human that lives to be 100 years old. Having a Chihuahua for a normal lifespan of a human can be a long time in the life you live.

Pick the proper companion and enjoy them for possibly two decades.

Chihuahua Health Issues

Chihuahua have several health problems and that any owner or future owner should be aware of

  •                 Obesity
  •                 Teeth Issues
  •                 Slipped Kneecap
  •                 Shakes
  •                 Spinal Issues

Obesity can come from eating too much table food. Make sure your dog is the right size or discontinue feeding them table scraps.

Teeth issues are something that all Chihuahuas are suspectable to in their older age. Makes sure you take them to the vet often and never miss their annual appointments.

Slipped Kneecap is something that is very common with the toy breed dogs. If you notice the small dog limping or favoring a certain leg get them to the vet and have an x-ray done.

Shakes are common with little dogs and people don’t have any scientific data to prove why. What we do know is that when they feel excitement or they’re fearful you can see the same shakes.

Spinal issues from little dogs is a common occurrence. If you see the dog struggling to conduct in normal behavior like exercise, make sure you take them the vet.

Toy Dog Group

Chihuahuas are a part of the Toy Group that is a fixture with lap dogs. They don’t have much in common with each other besides being little and house dogs. 

Here are some of the dogs in the Toy Group

Exercise Needs

Chihuahuas are one of the many small dogs that are known to “not need” exercise because of their size. If you’re reading this post, we are happy you are here. I want to tell you personally that common misconception isn’t true.

All dogs need exercise and much more when they are younger. A Chihuahua needs daily exercise to fulfill their needs. They’re not high energy dogs but a daily outlet will keep your dog from becoming an ankle biter.

Here is what we recommend you do for starters.

One hour run, walk, or treadmill

If behavior problems are consistent add in another session in the afternoon

30 minutes run, walk, or treadmill

You will benefit from doing two sessions in their first few years and scale back as you see fit. Try to get them out as often as possible and you will see the true nature of the dog as a house dog companion.

Without exercise Chihuahuas engage in unacceptable behavior that starts with barking, then barking excessively, and progresses to biting. That bite can be aimed at guests, family, and sometimes even the owner.

Give the dog the proper daily outlet so they won’t have the time or energy to think about becoming a certified ankle biter.


Train ability of a Chihuahua is pretty good. The important part is that they’re smart dogs. Many people take the position of thinking they don’t need exercise.

You should exercise a Chihuahua daily and give them something they would give themselves without humans.

A Chihuahua out of the yard is running and walking. The same thing you should do when they are under your control.

Exercise will decrease behavior problems and lead to your dog being the best version of itself. Number one area people will skip with the toy breed or any little dog is to think he doesn’t need exercise.

If you disagree let your dog out the gate and see what he does! If he doesn’t need exercise, he won’t run up the street or start walking around.

Another area where you must be firm with Chihuahua’s are the rules in the house. If you don’t make the rules the dog will make them.

Take the time to get a full list of what you will allow and continue to correct using our verbal method.

Chihuahua Popularity

Chihuahuas are very popular around the world. Due to their small size and cuddly features they’re a household name wherever they are seen.

Celebrities that have been seen in public with their Chihuahua companion include the following.

  •                 Brittney Spears
  •                 Paris Hilton
  •                 Demi Moore
  •                 Madonna
  •                 Reese Witherspoon
  •                 Osbourne’s
  •                 Sandra Bullock
  •                 And many more

Female Taco Bell Chihuahua Gidget, who lived to be 15 years old, had major success in the commercials she did as the mascot. The American restaurant were in need of something with a connection to Mexican food, so they used one of their dogs.

Of course, this isn’t Mexican food but a fast food chain that sells some food that you will find the Mexican culture.

There was a lawsuit against Taco Bell for taking that idea without compensating the individuals who came up with the idea. Taco Bell lost and had to pay almost 40 million for their lack of payments to the two men who came up with the mascot idea.

How to Train a Chihuahua?


First things first and the first thing is always exercise. Start and stick to an exercise program that will build the trust and bond with this little dog.

Here’s what we recommend

1 hour running, walking, or treadmill a day

Do one out of the three once per day. You will see so may benefits that it will be a no brainer as you continue to exercise them.

If you have issues with behavior like excessive barking add another session. At first for 30 minutes and see if that gives them relaxation all day or if they may need two hours.

Once you figure out the sweet spot continue to get them take until you need to scale back.

Younger dogs need more exercise and as the years pass you will notice the exercise needs decrease.

Ultimate Guide to Small Breed Training Tips

Creating Rules

Get a lot of rules inside of the house where the Chihuahua will spend most of its time. Having rules for the couch, sleeping arrangements, how to act when guest come over, etc.

Setting up the rules and learning how to enforce them will help you out in this regard.

This step is simple but not easy check out training resources to assist you with creating and enforcing the rules. I already did a lot of trial and error, so you don’t have to go through the same process.

The Best 15 Tips on How to House Train a Puppy


Chihuahuas are so small there is no reason to give them a real correction. You should always use the same energy you would use with a puppy due to their small size.

Use small amounts of leash or hand corrections if the verbal doesn’t work. You should use the lowest levels of touch possible first to see if the low intensity works.

Almost all cases you will find that the verbal does it if you’re a consistent with your exercise and training. On a rare occasion you will need to touch very light with the leash or when off leash touches the body lightly only to get their attention.

That’s only goal of a correction to get the attention.

Why Do Chihuahuas Get Aggressive?

Due to lack of exercise and lack of training.

When a dog is getting the proper amount of exercise, they will act in a manner that is in tune with their true nature. When they get the outlet, they deserve you won’t see any aggression.

That’s why I will continue to criticize any thinking that these dogs, or any other dog, doesn’t need exercise due to size.

The next area is from a lack of training. Use rules and correct when those rules are broken. Using our methods 99.999% of the time you will use only verbal, but the key is to correct every time.

When you exercise two hours per day the dog is listening two hours per day.

When you tell the dog, you can’t be in a certain area in the house they are listening all day long.

Continue to put the dog is a successful position to listen to the owner every day and leading the dog will come easy and natural to you.


When training a Chihuahua make sure you treat them like you treat a big dog. Give them the proper running and walking daily as necessary.

Continue to make an effort to enforce your rules using our methods.

Socialize your dog at the dog parks and with friends visiting the house.

How to Socialize a Dog or Puppy

Thank you for reading this post and have a great day!