Can Dogs Eat Cherries

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No, dogs can’t eat cherries and you should avoid giving cherries to your dogs. There so many safety factors that properly feeding a dog a cherry is a high maintenance affair.

Health risk are present if the feeding is not done right. You must be caution with the stem, skin, and pit on the inside while carefully feeding the flesh only. Even then too much can start to make the dog ill.

Is It Safe for a Dog to Eat Cherries?

Upset stomach is a sign that the dog did not have a great reaction to eating cherries. If you notice no reaction after the dogs accidentally eats a cherry make sure you or someone you know can supervise them.

Pit of the cherry is one of the most dangerous parts of the cherry for your dog to ingest. It not only contains cyanide but is difficult for the dog to digest and has the potential to get stuck in the intestines.

Stem is the large green part that is at the top of the cherry. Part of the tree that comes from the branch and with this attachment comes chemicals. Skin removal is still not enough to keep the dog from developing poisoning.

Quantity can become an issue as small levels of cyanide grow and becomes toxic to the dog. Smaller amounts should cause you to concern less but with a lot of cherries eaten you should seek medical attention.

Farming chemicals and natural substances can cause the dog to become sick. Although these products are not harmful to humans that doesn’t mean dogs will react the same.

Only the flesh is edible for the dog making this a risky exchange. Best decision to make is to stay away from cherries because your dog doesn’t need any of the chemicals, carbohydrates, or sugars in their diet.

Different Types of Cherries

A cherry is a fruit that comes from a cherry tree and is wildly popular around the world. They sell 2.2 million tons of production in one year all around the globe. Chances of you running into this fruit in your backyard or fridge is high.

  • Sour Cherries
  • Bing Cherries
  • Dark Hudson Cherries
  • Rainier Cherries
  • Yellow Cherries
  • Wild Cherry
  • Tibetan Cherry

Dogs Eating Canned or Frozen Cherries

In addition to being possibly toxic there are different elements that you think about with canned, dried, or frozen cherries for your dog. Two areas of concern are the preservatives and the high amounts of sugars.

High fructose syrup is put all over the foods we consume and when they go inside of cans and have juice, they put this sugar inside. We don’t have any reactions to this sweetener, but dogs can and will have reactions.

Preservatives are put on top of food to make their shelf life longer. Although they are not a huge threat different products can affect dogs differently than others.

What If a Dog Eats a Cherry?

Depending on the serving size and your knowledge of dogs being poisoned by cherries it will be a great idea to call a vet. After hours you can still get in contact with an on-duty animal hospital professional.

They will be able to instruct you on bringing them in right away or to watch for symptoms of their conditioning worsen.

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