Beagle Breed History

Beagle running

The Beagle documentation on the early stages of Beagles develop is little to none. The first traces have links to Ancient Britain. Other areas of early arrival include France, England, Italy, and Greece.

Judging from the close appearance of the Foxhound there may be similar ancestry with the breeds. Southern Hound is another dog with close ties but is now extinct.

Known for an incredible sense of smell and ability to assist with hunting activities, or beagling, the small Beagle quickly became a favorite in in the western world.

Beagle translate into a description of a small hound dog and that’s how they got their name. North Country Beagle is the first dog to hold this name. They are now extinct as well, but it is a strong possibility that the modern Beagle comes from this breed.

Royal families like these dogs a lot. They were the reason the Beagles didn’t go extinct like other hound dogs. A few people had breeding packs of Beagles like Prince Albert and Lord Winterton. Many people would get their Beagles from them in the early stages of the standardization of the breed.

One of the earliest dogs to come to America around the 1830’s. Most dogs came to America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s but the Beagle was here early helping with hunting and other activities for owners. 


One of the most popular hound dogs in the country and around the world. Beagles are members of many kennel clubs worldwide.

The first American registration of a Beagle came in 1885. That timing is before most of the popular breeds came to the states. Around this time, they were getting standardization of their breeding attributes.

Beagle Size

Male Weight: 22-24 pounds

Female Weight: 20-22 pounds

Male Height: 14-16 inches

Female Height: 13-15 inches

Beagle males enjoy very little size and height advantages over the female. They are almost the same size or may be the same size.

Beagle Colors

Any true hound color is the description for the coat that is available. We took the time to specifically find some colors that may be of interest to you.

  • Tri-color
  • Lemon
  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Chocolate

I just want to note that the color isn’t the most important aspect, the quality of the dog is more important. The coat needs to resemble one that is fit for hunting that won’t get caught on trees and other material on the hunt.

Beagle Price

You can find one with papers for about $800-$2,500 from a reputable breeder.

One the non-paper side you can find one for a few hundred $200-$500 with no problem.

Knowing the breed standards and looking at the parents will help you determine if there is a cause for concern regarding the breed standard.


Grooming a Beagle is low maintenance due to the short coat. They don’t shed throughout the years and don’t need any combing. The most you will need to do is brush the coat on a weekly basis.

Bathing the dog when they get dirty is up to you, but generally a good rule of thumb.

Lastly, you need to make sure their nails are trimmed by either walking them or cutting them with dog nail clippers. In addition, you want to clear the ears a lot to keep them from getting an infection.

Beagle Life Span

Beagles live much longer than some of the larger dog breeds. Their lifespan is 12-15 years old sometimes a little longer or shorter.

Prepare for a decade to a decade and a half with your hound dog. That is a large piece of time to spend with one dog. That would be huge for all your family and friends who will spend time with the dog.

Health Issues

Obesity – As we always teach dog owners your dog needs a lot of exercise. The Beagle is no different in that aspect. When the dog overeats and doesn’t burn enough calories you will have a surplus everyday and cause weight gain.

Epilepsy – They have a struggle with Epilepsy because it is passed down from generations. If you do have a dog with this condition it will show between half a year and 4 years old. Indications will normally show early but they can also show up later in life.

Cherry Eye – Like most small dogs they have an issue with cherry eye. Take the time to properly care for any eye conditions by taking them to the vet.

Bone Cancer – yearly check ups will help you know if your dog is developing any health issues like bone cancer. The earlier you catch it the better for what kind of options you have available.

Breed Group

Beagles are a part of the legendary hound group.

Dogs in this group include the some of the following:

This group is known specifically for their ability to hunt, chase down scents, and catch prey at very high speeds or with relentless energy. More of a necessity when hunting was necessary than now.

You can easily see how they were a precious commodity to use when there wasn’t much technology or vehicles.

Exercise Needs

It would be so difficult to find any resource to claim that Beagles need little exercise. Around 20 pounds most people would say they don’t need much exercise and I walk them to the mailbox or maybe I take them to the bathroom every day.

Exercise is a one size fits all outside of limitations due to health problems. Let’s use our imagination for a second! If you didn’t exist and the dog was in the wild would it just sit in one spot because it doesn’t need any exercise?

Rule of thumb for all exercise inquires will always be the same. Look at your dog and see if you are meeting their exercise requirements. Are they sleep all day and you barely notice they are at home? No changes

Maybe the opposite is true. Dog is jumping, hitting you with their tail, nipping, and not coming when you call them. Perfect! Let’s go outside every single day until we can get them to behave better.

Moving on! The Beagle is not a large dog, but they need a lot of exercise to prevent undesirable behavior problems. There is no shortcut with this breed. You need to walk them every day

  • Minimum for an hour
  • Two hours if needed
  • Run, walk, or treadmill

There can become a situation when you have a dog that is higher energy and you need to take the time to really address the issue.

Do what you must and make sure the dog is not jumping out of their skin. That only leads to aggression, not listening to the owner, and no respect.

This is a simple method that can that care of 90 percent of the issues you will run into.


Training a Beagle can be a rich experience for novice and dog owners with experience. They have a reputation for being hard to train. Luckily for you in the previous section you learned what makes them hard to train.

After you start the exercise program, and only after you start, you can begin to teach them some of the basic commands. Positive training, life rewards, or any other training method use it if it works with your dog.

The training you use needs to work for you and your dog at the same time. After training dogs for over a decade all the methods work to a point and some are good for some activities and bad for others.

Regardless of what you prefer to use the repetition method and use some solid work ethic.

For example, after an hour walk you start a drill session to have them sit 10 times in a row. Maybe you need to work on coming when you call. You’ll need a lead but continue to practice with your dog until you both starts understanding each other.

Use these resources

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Beagles Popularity

Beagles continue to rank in the top ten with the American Kennel Club Most Popular Breeds. One of the most popular hound dogs in the country. Taking into account there are hundreds of breeds that makes the Beagle one that is often sought after.

There ability to be a house dog and a staple in rural areas that makes them a dog that is attractive to many people in different living situations.

What are Beagles Most Known for?

They are known for hunting. Hunting little animals such as rabbits and others that are around the same size. A larger dog with less speed will have a harder time catching these animals.

How do you discipline a Beagle?

Use the correction method we teach for correcting all dogs. There are different styles of discipline. You have correction and way of life discipline.

For example, making your bed everyday is a form of discipline and that is the type of discipline you must teach more than others. The best way to teach this style is to make sure you do certain behaviors the same way every time.  

Making the dog sit before they eat. Sitting before they come out to use the bathroom. Before they go in the crate, after they get in the crate, and before they come out of the crate are all ways to discipline the dog in short order.

The next is to correct when the correction is in need. They only need to happen when verbal corrections are being ignored. After the attention is giving to the owner the hands-off approach is back in full effect. That teaches the dog that you will not be ignored, and you always require the dog to listen.

Using these two in combination will make it easy to discipline the dog and get them to listen all the time. I must caution you that if you don’t make them practice listening through hours of exercise daily, discipline, and corrections you don’t have to worry about them listening, they won’t!

Are All Beagles Loud?

Yes, they are all loud if they don’t get exercise. Barking and forming other bad habits are all a way to express their frustration with not being exercised at all. Take the time to handle their primal needs and they will naturally be thinking about other things to do with their time, like sleep.

Beagles and Kids

Beagles are fantastic with children. Giving that you are using your time to train and exercise the dog properly a Beagle will be excellent with children. The best part is that they are a small size so kids will not feel intimidation at first.


The ancient Beagle known for their superior hunting skills at small size earned them popularity in Europe. The dogs began to spread out to America and other parts of the world.

Beagles come in many colors and are around 20 pounds altogether.

Training a Beagle is no different than training any other dog. You must take exercise seriously if you want to accomplish having a dog with good behavior. They will sit and lay if you don’t exercise them, but they will not behave.

Take the time every single day to get them either a run, walk or some treadmill. The choice is yours, but exercise will work wonders for any training program.