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Train Your Own Dogs is a Dog Training platform that teaches owners how to train their own dog. After training hundreds of dogs and giving them back to their owners they had no idea how to keep the training going. Because training is ongoing we switched to teach you how to do it yourself and only pay for training once. After learning the principles you can teach every dog you will have the rest of your life.

Traditional dog training platforms make you take your dog to a stranger and leave them at a boot camp for several weeks and the prices have become outrageous. Prices are so high most people can’t afford to pay dog trainers.

Not only are their methods not affordable in this economy when you bring the dog home you don’t know how to continue the training. Basic commands are great to teach your dog but sit, stay, and lay won’t teach the dog to behave. 

You don’t need to pay high prices for basic commands that you can teach the dog at home. I criticize this method because I did for years and know what happens to the dog when the owner is not aware, or willing, to continue the methods.

We changed the model to teach you what to do from the comfort of your own home and continue to keep it going because training is an ongoing process. Once you learn the process you will be able to train every dog you own for the rest of your life and any friends and family dogs.

That’s the difference you pay once and we teach you how to fish. When your dog is misbehaving you learn how to fix the behavior and the training is deeper than commands. You will be able to walk your dog off leash and have complete control using our method.

Feedback & Reviews

Listen To What Previous Clients Have To Say

Easy to use, simple training, and I saw changes in my dogs’s behavior immediately. They go above and beyond to get you the information you need.

Sidney Smith

Social Worker at Walden Family Services

Every area of dog training they were able to help me and solve all my issues. My home is so peaceful now. Thank you guys alot!

Jacob Jackson

Marketing Assistant at Freeman

I paid for different trainers but my dog would consistently act wildly. Thankfully I contacted the best dog trainer I’ve ever met. Thank you for all the help.

Eric Bentley

Operations Manager at Hospital

What can I do for you?

Here Are Some Of The Areas We Can Improve Your Training Experience

Walking On The Leash

Learn how to walk your dog like a pro. Simple steps will take your dog that pulls you down the street into a respectable canine. Principles of leash placement and other methods will allow you to take full control of one or several dogs at once.


Socializing a dog is more than just taking them around humans and other dogs. There is a right and wrong way to accomplish proper socialization. Learning the right way from an experienced dog trainer will change the way your dog does everything. Dog park, vet visits, friends and family visiting and many more.

Over Excitement or Hyper Dogs

When your dog is jumping out of their skin and behaving in an out of control manner we can help solve this problem. Instead of avoiding the issue we show you how to attack high energy dogs head on. Providing the proper outlet for the dog to release this energy will return them back to normal.

Need Help Training You Dog?

Sign up for our online courses that shows you how to Train Your Own Dogs. We have free articles that teach dog training and will teach you about your own breed. 

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